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Doctor from Taiwan fulfills 'dreams' on the mainland

发布时间:2022-06-09 10:45:17


Lee Hu Jui, 38, a stomatologist from Taiwan, poses for a photo at the Stomatological Hospital of Southern Medical University. [Photo provided to]

Lee Hu Jui's friends once said it would be too hard to study and work in the Chinese mainland when he first journeyed to a university in Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, some 18 years ago.

"I didn't agree with them – studying and working in the mainland makes me feel at home," he said.

After finishing his studies in Chengdu, Lee, born in Taipei, Taiwan, then came to Southern Medical University, located in Guangzhou of Guangdong province for further studies in stomatology in 2010.

"I have witnessed great changes in the social and economic development of the Chinese mainland during my studies and work over recent years," Lee said.

Recalling his grandparents' life after they came from the mainland to Taiwan in the middle of the last century, Lee said it would be unfortunate for them not to be able to return to their homeland.

"My grandparents often told me to return to the mainland, which, in their view, is the place of dreams," he said.

After multiple programs of study, Lee, 38, now works as a stomatologist at the Stomatological Hospital of Southern Medical University based in Guangzhou.

"I think I am working hard to fulfill their dreams," he said.

As oral medical technology in the Chinese mainland is still in the developmental stage, Lee said there will be huge market potential for stomatological technology.

"Along with medical technologies and equipment, which are widely used in examinations and diagnoses, we should also promote humanistic care for patients," he said.


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